Monday, October 03, 2005

My Life Timeline

[This is actually Zac's Dad, Rob]

Zac had some homework he had to do tonight for school. He had to come up with a Life Timeline and write it all in cursive. Here's what he wrote:


Life Timeline

I was born on June 6, 1997.
I was a big baby.
I learned to walk when I
was one. I won my first
trophy when I was five.
When I'm ten I will go to
Hawaii. When I'm sixteen I will
drive a car. I'll also learn
Spanish and more about science.
I'll be in college when I'm
twenty. I'll also visit NASA. When
I'm twentyfive, I'll get a job at
Microsoft and go to China. When
I'm thirty I will get married and
visit California. When I'm thirtyfive
I'll have kids. When I'm forty
I'll see Mount Fuji. When I'm
fiftyone I'll teach my kids
how to drive. When I'm
sixty I'll just sit around.


Lindsey said...

This made my day!!!!

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